Data and Mailing Management

DocketHub offers a comprehensive suite of data and mailing management applications and interfaces designed for their ease of use and easy integration with existing customer solutions.

DocketHub offers a mail sortation application which will quickly and efficiently process, sort and upload mailings directly into DocketHub whilst offering the customer a vast array of options to customise the sortation and upload of their mailing.

As part of the mailing upload process, DocketHUB also provides a suite of intuitive screens, management information dashboards and reports. These allow a customer to not only control and change their mailing details, but to also see the mailing process through their chosen carrier’s network and onwards for injection in to the Royal Mail DSA network.

Data and mailing management
  • Comprehensive suite of mailing management software.
  • Label generation and printing tools.
  • Suite of web-based screens to view and manage your mailings.
  • Comprehensive and real-time management information.

Offering you a quick and effective way to manage both your data and mailings with a comprehensive suite of intuitive tools and software

Unsorted Mailings

DocketHub offers an easy to use unsorted mailing facility which quickly allows those customers to quickly and accurately record an unsorted mailing along with the relevant information to the customer, so that they can arrange for the collection and processing of this mail prior to delivery into Royal Mail for Final Mile delivery.

As part of the unsorted mailing solution, DocketHub also provides a range of management information dashboards and reports which allow the customer to track and invoice the unsorted mail uploaded by their customers.

  • Easy to use dashboards to see the status of your mailing.
  • Comprehensive suite of reports to show the progress of your mailings.
  • Quick and easy to use, helping you make the most of your unsorted mail.
Mangement Information

DocketHUB makes uploading and managing your unsorted mailings easy

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