DocketHUB is a carrier independent integration platform that facilitates business process automation throughout the mail lifecycle from client, through the posting site, the logistics partner and Royal Mail. DocketHUB uses leading edge technology to seamlessly integrate with all business processes and provides independent accuracy and stability. The system supports the Downstream Access process enabling customers to achieve major cost savings on their contract mail.

Posters, carriers and delivery agents are able to communicate quicker and more effectively through DocketHUB therefore providing a more efficient and innovative service to their clients. DocketHUB seamlessly interfaces with existing IT solutions and provides a unique portal for users to analyse, price, forecast, print, monitor and reconcile mailings.

DocketHUB dramatically reduces the cost, time and effort required by Posters and Carriers to utilise the Downstream Access market


  • Zonal Breakdown for greater cost savings.
  • Profile your mailing.
  • Sort your mail for Zonal or National pricing.
  • Integrate with existing mail sortation software.
  • Postcode-level analysis.
  • Unique Management HUB that enables Clients, Mailing Houses and Carriers to share and communicate mailing information seamlessly.


  • Enables Carriers to provide you with a price to deliver your specific mailing.
  • Zonal or National rate pricing.
  • Carrier Independent Quote comparison.
  • DocketHUB can identify the most cost-effective way to deliver your mail.


  • Provide your carrier with up-to-date information about your mailing.
  • Adjust your forecasts to reflect the realities of production.
  • Automatic replication for 'forecast ready' profiled mailings, and easy forecasting of split mailings.
  • Online Rescheduling facilities that automatically notifies the Client / Carrier of changes in collection schedule.


  • Print bag labels that qualify for Downstream Access.
  • Optimise your production process for Downstream Access.
  • DocketHUB is carrier independent and can print traceable bag labels for your selected carrier.
  • Instantly print labels for individual mailings.


  • Monitor mailings performed on your behalf.
  • DocketHUB bag labels can be traced by your carrier through their network.
  • Allow carriers to provide you with live Delivery Status information.


  • Provide management information covering all your mailings.
  • Reconcile your invoices across multiple mailings, using multiple carriers.
  • Attribute your mailing costs to individual client codes and cost centers.
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