What we do for clients

DocketHUB sorts your mailing address file so that it can take advantage of Downstream Access and also adds zonal data, if required, so that the mailing can qualify for Zonal DSA. Once the data is processed and passed to your chosen fulfilment house, you can monitor the progress of the mailing through a suite of reports and dashboards. These highlight where your mailing is in real-time, enabling you to manage the impact of the mail being received.

Whether you are managing a call centre operation and looking to optimise staff levels to reflect when a mail campaign is delivered, or a Campaign Manager looking to manage mail costs across multiple mailings or suppliers. DocketHUB can help manage your business needs.

Management Information

Management Information is critical to driving your business forward. DocketHUB provides a step by step status overview of the progress of your mailing through a suite of live management reports and dashboards live at your fingertips. Mail activity can be monitored in real-time across multiple production sites or carriers and mailing costs broken down by campaign, internal cost code or departmental billing.

Information management


  • Check that your mailings are ready for collection from the posting site when you expect them to be.
  • Monitor the mail as it is received by the carrier and scanned into their network.
  • Identify any mail still in production or transit.

Live Quality Service Statistics

  • View percentage of mailing handed over to Royal Mail for delivery.
  • View live “Quality of Service” indicators so that you can see how your mail is being handled.
  • Identify mail that has been delayed.
  • View “Fall to Earth” information of mail delivery.

Cost Reconciliation

  • Combine carrier and or Royal Mail Wholesales charges together to see the true costs of a mailing.
  • View invoices in terms of the individual mailings performed.
  • DocketHUB helps to attribute your mailing costs to individual cost centres and promote the correct use of purchase order codes at the time of mailing.

DocketHUB generates an extensive list of reports for you to get the most out of every single mailing.


For mailing houses

Our DocketHUB system provides facilities to help a mailing house manage mailings for multiple clients and multiple DSA Carriers. DocketHUB's sortation facilities enable you to mailsort mailings for both Zonal and National contracts and optimise bag/tray fill to reduce handling time and mailing costs. DocketHUB's sortation software can also be integrated with internal workflow systems for automated file processing whilst still benefiting from the cost savings of mail optimisation. DocketHUB provides cross-carrier bag/tray/cage label production to help simplify your production processes.

DocketHUB also provides online planning tools enabling you to schedule when mailings are due to be collected by your DSA carrier, and manage situations where mailings are produces across several days or the planned collection date changes. DocketHUB manages the generation of any bag pre-advice or forecasting information required by your DSA Carrier, so that your staff are not tied up on paperwork and can concentrate on production planning.

DocketHUB can integrate with production equipment so that production activity can be monitored and ‘spoils’ can be accounted for, should they occur. DocketHUB can provide a full suite of production control facilities supporting bag/tray scanning into cages, cage card production and scanning the cage at dispatch to the carrier, so that you can monitor your entire operation in real-time. DocketHUB can also provide you with production planning tools so that you can monitor progress of jobs through individual enclosers and re-allocate jobs to maximise machine utilisation.

Mailing houses

Enables you to have a common way of working across your Carriers.

DocketHUB also allows you to monitor the full life cycle of your mailing through live management information available through reports and dashboards. These real-time views show the handover activity between you, your carrier and Royal Mail, and can be shared with your clients if required. Additional cost code and campaign information can also be associated with a mailing job, so that Management information can be presented in the manner that is most meaningful to you and your clients. Whether it is cost allocation, fall to earth information, service monitoring, invoice reconciliation or departmental billing, DocketHUB has a solution to the problem.


For carriers

DocketHUB protects you from a large IT investment and lets you concentrate on your core business.

DocketHUB provides a complete IT solution for the DSA market as a managed service so that you don’t need to worry about any up-front investment, development time or maintenance costs. Interfacing directly into your existing systems, DocketHUB provides you with collection requests, bag pre-advice, and consignment manifests. DocketHUB can also provide live scanning solutions to accept bag level scans acknowledging receipt of a bag into your network and upon hand over to Royal Mail. This allows you to monitor, track and manage the performance of your network. All the bag labels that DocketHUB produces will conform to your specification and can manage the creation of unique bag identifiers according to your allocation rules.

Seeming too good to be true, DocketHUB is also a cost effective proposition. Usage is based on a small per item transaction charge which is easy to factor into your pricing strategy and gives you a predictable cost directly relating to the volume of mail you handle.


Interfacing with Royal Mail

DocketHUB can manage the generation of your manifest file and submission into Royal Mail. Any exceptions can easily be identified and mail that has been delayed can simply be re-queued with Royal Mail being notified accordingly. Ultimately DocketHUB can protect you from any changes in the Royal Mail DSA specification.

Accurate Forecasting

DocketHUB helps in three ways:

  • Combine information from multiple posters to generate your traffic forecast.
  • Provide traffic forecasts to your depots.
  • Easily add or remove forecasts from your posters to refine your forecast to Royal Mail..

Management Information

With all of this data, DocketHUB proves to be a powerful source of Management Information allowing you to monitor your internal performance and giving you the opportunity to share live and accurate mailing data with your customers, demonstrating your strengths and differentiating yourself from the competition.


  • No up-front investment
  • No long development lead-time
  • No need to employ a large development team
  • No deployment costs
  • No support headaches
  • No system to maintain
  • Simple and transparent pricing

DocketHUB is an off-the-shelf solution, which integrates seamlessly with your existing systems

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